Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Virgin Suicides

Never would I thought that multiple suicides would be so damn interesting. I read this book in one day! Not because I had nothing else to do, I have plenty thank you. But I was just blown away by this cursed family. Five sisters in this one house manages to kill themselves! It's not as great as The Pact by Jodi Picoult but it is worth reading.

After I've finished I realize that we don't know exactly what made them kill themselves. Was life that deep for them that they had to do it?

The quirkiness was on point, I will say. I could not help but laugh at the borderline obsession these neighborhood boys had toward the sisters. I mean I know teenagers intensify everything that is going on in their small bubbles of life (by the way I just had another talk with my own daughter who is about to hit middle school in three weeks, about how life is at that age, oh lawd I'm going to need some strong doses of Xanax. Is there a doctor in the house?)

What was I saying? Oh yeah teenagers feel that whatever they are going thru is the BIG ONE and no one will understand what they are going thru because no on other person on this earth has gone thru it. However the always monitoring what these god-like sisters were doing, listening to the same music just so they could feel what these sisters were mentally experiencing was hilarious! I've never been in love on that level but ay, whatever floated their immature boats.

I commend the author for taking on the challenge of writing on an intense, gloomy subject and twist it in this black comedy. I'm probably the only person who have not read this book or watched the movie when it came out which is cool. Never too late. I do give the go ahead to pick this zany, dark, buy quirky book.

Peace and Love