Thursday, July 29, 2010

Murders was never this sexy

The snake ate the frog and the frog was dissolved by the slug. Did you know that it took me until the end of this book to understand the riddle in which this story is based on? Of course you didn't but I'm telling you anyway! Even now as I have 2 growing kids I still get excited when I see a slug because I know I'm about to pour salt on this poor creature and watch it dissolve into a hardened black shell of something. Too much? Ah, it is what it is. I'm an observant writer, so sue me. Anywho my kids are geeked up when they see a slug spill its liquid onto the salt mount. I don't know what that liquid is and if anyone can tell me I would appreciate it; supposedly it is powerful enough to dissolve a frog, but again it's just a riddle - I think.

Ok so now that I have given you a 101 on riddles and slug juice lets get down to business. I always stress the importance of never writing on a topic that you don't have any clue about. From previous posts on my blog site that is a pet peeve of mine. I've written street urban lit before it became what it is, you wanna know why? Of course you do silly. Cause I live in the hood so I know some thangs that goes down, not all, but some. I don't try to sprinkle my story with hood cliches and if I do please for the love of God email me and let me know so I can slap myself and refocus!

My point is, is that this writer has beautifully written this, I'm going to call it love story, with the knowledge of pre- and post war experiences. The intricacies of the forbidden tattoo life in that time made me wanna hop on a plane and find someone in Japan to create the dragon tattoo I want on my back. It is described almost like a very sensual tango between lovers (aka tattoo artist and client). Sensual, forbidden, immortal, passionate - you get my drift, right? Oh and there is a murder in the middle of all this, a couple of them actually that will have you agreeing that this book should be renamed The Perfect Tattoo Murder Case.

A very powerful and sexy read, it's not too light or too heavy for a summer read. I'm just glad that I didn't return it to the library like I was going to. I have a tendency to borrow books and return them untouched, like I do my men! LOL

Peace and Love