Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Taste

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Maybe I was doing too much when I decided to read another freaky book. Naw, my ass too damn freaky to not enjoy having or reading about sex. So it hurts me when I say that this book right here, this book right here, was not good. It says that a married couple who are not satisfied with their sex life or lack of one decides to step out. He hooks up with a crack head which proves my point on how men seem to downgrade when they wonder off from home. Wifey cheats on her husband with a big vibrator! Ms. Thang walking around happy as hell now that she has her little friend! She should have looked over and told her husband - 'say hello to my little friend!' Ok that was a little bit too much but I had to do it. But you know the bish is dumb to began with because she knew she was working with a two second brotha from the jump. I'm sorry but love is not the deal breaker these days. Ain't no one perfect but damnit your sex game has to be on point or at least be a freak like me, be up to tryin' new shit, spice it up, ya feel me.

Anywho, back to the husband. I don't understand how he could want to fuck with a bony crack head that goes back to smoking crack cause of his lil' azz peter weeter! I've had some bad ish but not enough to make me run out and do some drugs, especially crack! And here he is wanting to give her his life savings to this heifa! Men, gotta luv 'em for being sooooo stupid! And with all of this going on you have this gigantor brotha rocking a thirteen inch dick, I just don't understand what the hell he has to do with the story personally. It's just too much going on and it doesn't make me want to run out and put a couple of miles on my vibrator. Too confusing.

The cover says 'a fast paced sex thriller,' but I'm not feeling it. Yall can read it if you want but be forewarned you might be disappointed, just saying. I stopped on page 55 if that gives you any indication on how bored I was and that is all she is getting from me. NEXT!

Peace and Love

The Man Handler...a freaky ass story by a freaky ass writer by the name of Cairo

whew! I've had about a dozen cold showers since opening this book two days ago - literally, I wasn't playing. How the hell I missed this author I have no clue but I'm glad I came across him.

I know a lot of females once they get a hold of this book will feel the same way I felt from the hump, I mean jump. He walked all thru my mind with this one! He had to have personally talked to a female/s to do this sexy work of art. Let me break it down for you a little bit without giving away too much.

Ok, Bianca is her name and she is a bona fide freak, or a ho as she so proudly put it. She's a single woman, great career, no kids, and loves sex. I mean on a level that is astounding. And she describes her sex life down to the nitty gritty which was my reason for taking the numerous cold showers among other things I did to relieve myself! LOL, I know, too much info. It is what it is, we all grown here.

Anywho thru out the book she explains her trysts and her lack of love for sistahs who run their mouths about their business to 'friends' and for those stupid ass birds who allow their men to cheat. Yeah some men cheat regardless of their situation at home but some do cheat cause you don't give your man what they need, yall know men are sexual creatures. You take away the cookies they just going to go to another candy store!

Ain't no reason for cheating but if you fallen off and what I mean by that is you eat too damn much to the point neither you or him can see your ish, or you go to bed in frumpy clothes etc, etc, don't get mad at the other chick satisfying your man, get mad at your damn selves and then the dog that is doing the do!

Again anywho, this is a great book and it's hilarious how this girl treats these random men. If they don't abide by her rules, damnit they are gone! More females need to be like this. See if the one person that wants to take it to another level succeeds at settling this man handler down. Would you if you had a delectable selection of meat on call?

Off to another freaky book - One Taste by Allison Hobbs. In the meantime, do your thang but be safe and happy sexing!

Peace and Safe Love!


Now see this is why I say nosy people get what they deserve! Period! And this is exactly what this little girl got. I mean actually she was a grown ass woman reporter; so I stretched the truth a little. Anywho, this woman who decides to 'pretend' to be a thirteen year old girl on a website just to catch (hence the title) a pedophile for the tv show that she worked for. This is how the story blasts off. I love when a book get right to the point and don't dilly dally around (yeah I said it)

For whatever reason maybe it was the journalist in her, that made her push toward the truth. For whatever reason the broad goes and sees the supposed pedophile in a secluded area by herself by the way. One of the victim's father blasts in on the little meeting and shoots the pedophile. An chile, this story takes all the way off! the author takes you on a literary roller coaster. He successfully creates a realistic, believable plot and draws the reader (that be me) into each character until you are drinking in every lie, deceit and pain they experienced. No wonder there is a waiting list for this book.

Peace and Love!

The Pact by Jodi Picoult

The best love story ever told. Forget Romeo & Juliet, these two have them beat!

I think that as parents we forget or are in denial about reality. Or maybe it is where I'm from, reality encircles everyone to the point where it becomes our own entity. It's crazy how most parents forget what it was like being teenagers. How we thought everythang was about us and our problems were detrimental and no one else's even compare. LOL. But on a serious note, when teenagers commit suicide such as the one in this powerful story or commit murder in the school they were going to the community bands together and glorify their child into something they have invented in their narrow minds instead of calling it what they really were disturbed. Right under their noses these same 'angelic' kids had made bombs, collected guns for a hobby, or were having sex in their rooms whether by consent or not, or they were severely depressed and the parents claimed they did not see anything! I never understood that. Of course my kidz are no angels and I don't know what goes on in their heads but my eyes remain open without the color stained shades covering the truth. I just feel that with all of the little gadgets and discoveries we acknowledge you would think we would see what is going on up under our roofs.

This is what this story is geared toward. The lack of parents communicating the right things to their children before it's too late. Two sets of parents, living next to each other who has children born at the same time automatically assumes and welcomes the son of one and the daughter of the other family to get married; they do everything else together, why not? Except from the first page readers realizes that will not happen. The daughter is murdered commits suicide within the first paragraph. The son who alos was to commit suicide right along with his girl survives the ordeal wedging a state sized distance between the two families.

The story unravels as the author describes meticulously how each set of parents, individually and collectively, respond to the suicide, the depression they thought the two had, life and the title of 'murderer' that lingers heavily over the surviving teenager like the Scarlett Letter.

Realistically I think Ms. Picoult describes their responses perfectly. I hesitantly put myself in the situation and I know for a fact I would act the same way. When my daughter got hospitalized after being diagnosed with diabetes I got upset as people visited even after returning home because they can go back to their normal perfectly healthy family while I now deal with two children with disabilities - alone. It wasn't their fault; that just happen to be the cards they got dealt with. To this day I can say they have handled their reality a hell of a lot better and stronger than I have.

Anyway, great read for the summer!

Peace and Love