Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Library or Liquor Store?

Summer is officially here. You wanna know how I know? Women have become walking advertisements to their bodies. Literally they have stripped their winter clothing and all other clothing so that lil’ boys (cause this apparently do not have a age limit) and men can see what they can have to physically offer. Somewhat like window shopping. Now I’m not saying that I am some nun in a Catholic church that walks around with her whole body covered. I like my body, but I also know how to dress casually without broadcasting what I have under what I’m wearing. I’m getting older; it’s a shame that I see mamas walking around in the same outfit that their daughters are wearing and probably bought from the same department. It makes me just shake my head.
But that’s not the purpose of this whole lil’ story. Parents, lets talk, adult to adult. School’s out. Your kidz are running around driving you and everybody else crazy. As we speak my six year old lil’ boy running around chasing his sister trying to fart on her. My house is small az hell, if you smelled what I smelled you would kick him out until his sick booty is repaired! I’m a big kid, 31 going on 6, I swear. I try to do as much with my kidz as I possibly can because my daughter is going to middle school and sooner or later she will slowly press away from me to become her own woman, it’s my job as a parent to equip her and my son with ish that they will be able to use once the time arrives for them to handle they business on their own. One thing I am proud of my kids is that they are in love with reading. We literally are at the library every day. Granted they still are human and are enticed by technology so they will spend most of their time in the children’s computer room but they will also pick up a book and stow away in some corner to read. I like to humbly take credit for that. From the jump they have seen their mama reading a book. They’ve seen me writing because they know that is what mama loves to do, write. My daughter will stop in the middle of her day and write story after story reminding me of when I was younger making up stories and putting my words to paper. My son results to just following behind me and making up a story rather than write but I’ll take it in any form long as I know their brains are being useful in these hot azz months we call summer.

What disappoints me though is the lack of my mirror image there at the library. Or if they are there, they are too busy running around instead of running around picking up books. Or they are logging on the computers to go to their Facebook pages or YouTube to listen to music they know good well they should not be listening to. The employees at the library try to monitor what sites the kids can explore in the Children Services but you know how that goes, they have to go and tend to other kids, programs or restocking of materials.

(Let me pause here a minute. I’m not trying to down-grade my people. I love my people and I want them to exceed in everything, real ish.)

I go to Hanna Homestead park a few blocks down from my street and I see little kidz, three-five years old, cursing. The language is messed up. Half of them cannot conduct a legit sentence but could rap the hottest song on the radio word for word, and it’s the explicit version too! Fort Wayne has created a bigger and better main library with sources I still haven’t used yet and still we choose not to take our kidz there to take advantage of them. We even had a library built in the hood. Still no kind of movement.

Because of what I’ve seen in this short time since school let out I’ve become determined to start a campaign. Haven’t decided what I want to call it but my mission is that all kidz regardless of race, needs to have a library card and easy access to use that library card. When your baby is born, library card should fall right after getting your child’s social security card. I ain’t jokin’! Yall laughin’ but these babies are our future. I don’t wanna come off preachy but it is what it is. Get off your lazy azzez and take your kidz to get a book. Books can enhance their reading skillz, math skillz, communication skillz, you get my drift. Most of yall are concerned with going to the liquor store as soon as it opens or the clothing store or the grocery store, food stamp card in hand easy, but stutter and squirm when your kids mention the L word like it’s some type of holy water that will burn you. They have programs that would keep your kidz busy and interested. Every summer they have the reading program where kidz can receive prizes for how much they read. They have students come in once a week and read to the kidz and the kidz read to them. I mean a lot of ish, and it’s fun seriously, I’m not lying. Don’t be scared! What you think lightening will hit you if you step into the library?

Anyway, like I said I am on a mission to create this campaign for every child to have a library card. I’m going to contact some libraries to see if they want to come on board with it, which I would think they would; so stay tuned and as my plan unravels I will keep you informed. But in the meantime go to the library!

Oh, one more thing; the library is not a place for you teenagers to meet with your boo to chase him/her around. A real man/woman loves when a man/woman is capable and excited to pick up a book to better themselves mentally. It is cool to have a book in your hand and actually read it. A friend I ran into at the library actually said that no one told us that we can become writers or to really pick up a book other than what the school told us to read for a class. Well I’m going to be that person to tell you that you can. With all the urban lit being created I guarantee you lil fast girls and horny boys will even get into this movement.

Peace and Love

The Sleeping Dragon

Again what is it with me and Japanese writers lately but it is what it is, apparently we Americans are missing something in the writing world and we need to check a couple of these Japanese out and take some serious notes. The Sleeping Dragon, whew, where do I start? I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has a crazy mind that unleashes some crazy ish now and again. A typhoon floods the streets of Tokyo, we all know what a typhoon is so I don’t need to explain. A mediocre writer for some newspaper/magazine happens to be driving in the streets while the streets are getting pounded with torrential rains in a car that is similar to my old one (stops when it wants to cause it thinks it has it like that, LOL). Out of nowhere he almost runs over someone who is fixing their bike at the side of the road but manages to stop in time. That is where ish starts to go downhill. That is why I will never, ever, ever, pick up strangers off the street, I don’t give a damn if the person is covered in blood – that may not be that person’s blood but someone else’s and they are on the hunt again to kill someone else (me) for kicks!

The story is told in the view of Kosaka, the journalist who picks up the young boy by the name of Shinji. I kind of don’t like doing my own stories completely in this view because I feel like my readers would be missing something from the other characters that make the story but Miyuki did it perfectly in this one. It serves its purpose at the end after everything comes together and all of the questions are answered. But anywho, as they are driving they run over something. Kosaka stops and gets hit with the pounding rain as he tries to figure out what the hell he ran over. Come to find out it was a manhole someone opened up. This fool sitting here trying to close the thing before someone accidentally falls in it, if it was me I would keep it moving but it wasn’t me so as he is attempting poorly to close this drain up, another man comes out of nowhere asking him has he seen his son. Kosaka puts two and two together and realize that the boy most likely fell into the drain and drowned.

Lets fast forward a little bit and get into who this little boy he picked up really is. Just so happens that Shinji is a mind reader. He is able to touch people, things, whatever and get a vibe off of it. He touches Kosaka and tells him a few things about his deepest secrets. Kosaka doesn’t want to have anything more to do with this stranger especially since the boy told him who had opened up the manhole that leads the seven year old to fall to his death. Consciences come into play in all of the main characters as in real life and some freaky azz ish start to happen in this journalist’s life. Bet he never thought his life could become this interesting this quickly. Oh, and another mind reader similar to Shinji name Naoya comes in the middle of this whirlwind psychic mess. Mysterious callers that only answer by tapping on the phone, blank letters appearing at Kosaka’s place of employment; I’m telling you this is a good read for the summer. Check this author out!

Peace and Love