Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the come up.............

Ok so I'm doing a little bit of an adjustment in my writing and how I present to people. When I started this blog almost a year ago, I didn't have any intentions with it; basically it was just to see if I could create a buzz for myself. A year later, I haven't received the buzz I wanted. I thought starting with friends and family would get the ball rolling but apparently not cause they are still not supporting a bish enough to put any kind of comments in any of my post which is still very, very, very, (you get the picture) upsetting. Then I took a real good look at the content that I was putting on this site and realized that it may not be what interest them, but still it's hurts that I'm not getting no kind of love a year later.

But I digress.

For several months now I have been looking into switching over to I've said it plenty of times in some of my threads. I've checked out some websites that have used this format and I'm impressed with what I've seen. I definitely decided to go ahead and go with Wordpress, but I've got to do it right. I can't do it blindly and expect readers to loyally keep coming to my lil' whatever this is, ya feel me. I'm thinking big this time. I have talent, I just need to figure out a great, organized plan to get my talent out in the open.

For the next week or two I'm going to sit down and write what my goals are for this website and how to get myself out there beyond just a couple of friends reading this out of pure sympathy because I begged them too. LOL.

My website will be the called the name of the publishing business I am starting. It will contain a section where readers will get excerpts on my books that I will be selling - yes selling! I have kids to feed!. I will have mini commercials to go along with those excerpts, a place for my blog and reviews and a bunch of other stuff I'm expecting to launch so get ready cause this ish right here, will definitely be the ish!

Peace and Love