Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BMF by Mara Shalhoup

Fitting that I come across this book around the time I posted on my Facebook page that the temptation to do something illegal to make quick money is sounding good right about now. And even as I'm writing Rick Ross's new single BMF is banging in the background. That's crazy that one man and his affiliates can influence a culture. And when I say influence I mean this 'family' name has been in so many rap songs you would think he was 2Pac or Jay-Z when all this lil' boy was was a big tyme drug dealer (that happened to create a movement). He managed to get Jacob the Jeweler into this mess of covering up for BMF and he had no reason; hell he has money coming out of his azz from the sales of his jewelry pieces alone. How many rappers cop his ish? But then again 98% of those rappers are frontin' anyway, they didn't buy them and they probably fake!

Ok let me rewind this back for a minute. BMF is supposedly giving you the basis of how the largest black owned *pause* drug cartel got started and how it all fell down; hence the title.

How do I feel about Big Meech? I mean that is why you are reading this right?

I'm torn. A great journalist, reporter, interviewer whatever you wanna call it, can empathize with the person they are interviewing. Empathize, not sympathize. What I mean is the one asking the questions can subtract their emotions and manage to feel where the person is coming from. The greatest at this? Oprah. Fuck wrinkly prune-face Barbara Walters! I'm not trying to say everybody run out and sell drugs and kill a few people either. But the BMF (Black Mafia Family) started out with seeing their father and mother working their azzez off in order to support the fam and the two brothers, like all hoods across America. They didn't want to live like that so they got into the drug game and instantly became addicted to the most powerful drug - money, quick money at that. Big Meech and his brother Terry were literally night and day when it came to handling business. Don't get it twisted, they both craved the money but Meech was the show off. He had to party hard with an entourage that would make Diddy's camp sit down. As a matter of fact one of Diddy's old body guard was intermixed in there too. Meech and his people all drove around in cars half of yall can not pronounce let alone spell. Lavish homes would not do justice to how his houses were. And somewhere in the mix Meech managed to get it in with some of the hottest rappers because he wanted to be one himself. (Nelly, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane just to name a few)

Terry, unlike his brother, hated attention. He wanted to be the front man on his operation. When millions of dollars of cocaine were shipped, he was right there making sure no one jipped him. Money needed to be collected? Yeah, he was on that one too. Meech didn't handle the cocaine or the money too much so in case he got arrested they had no link between the cocaine being distributed or money from a sale. Maybe that was the reason it took the DEA (Donut Eating Azzez) so long to capture him and hit him with ish that would send him away for a long time.

Like all too good to be true tales, this all came to an end. With all of the workers up under Meech you would think it would be easy to capture him cause you know niggas get jealous of the boss and want to outshine him eventually becoming a snitch. Whatever Meech had tho, his workers had; it was a family affair. However when niggas started to get caught, whoooooo they mouths became diarrhea. (Ugghh!) Funny how that happens. Read the book to find out more details on how that went down. Walking away from it, I really felt like Meech was a certified pimp and his 'fam' were his bitches, cause he let them do all the dirty work while he sat back eating good. I mean last time I checked that was the definition of a pimp. they should have tacked on prostitution to the list. I just call it how I see it, I don't need any residual members of the BMF to come looking for me and do me and my family in. It's just business, nothing personal.

Before I go just a few things about this chick's writing style. At times she would tell a story and then the following chapter would be something that happened before the previous chapter's events. She should have did it all in order. Also numerous times she repeated ish, felt like I had multiple deju vu moments. But it was a decent read, if you like criminal ish!

Peace and Love