Saturday, June 19, 2010

whateva! ish don't change

Well this apparently is my last week of school since for whatever reason they chose to discontinue my status as a full time student! Feelin' real pissed right about now. I don't understand it. I see cats all the time runnin' around gettin' things out of life they don't even deserve and I don't mean just material ish either-a decent family, someone that puts up with they ish 24/7! Here I am finally with a legit plan to start my own business, raise my kidz on my own and I still can't get it right! Everything loves to walk away from me like it never existed! That feeling of me standing still and everyone else passing me has hit me like a semi-truck!

I mean the only positive thing out of this is the fact that I can focus more on getting this website put up and my writing but it would have been a good look to have that Bach. degree in marketing next to my name. I was really learning some ish to help my business.

What ever happened to 'God helps those that helps themselves'? What a joke!