Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Real World Natsuo Kirino

Author of the book Grotesque came with another one. And she kept it consistent, whether that's a bad idea or good you be the judge. Just like in Grotesque she separated the chapters by characters, except with Real World it was less like a personal conversation and more of each one's perspective on one situation - actually one murder.

The story starts right away with the act being done next door to one of four friends. The son, Worm, kills his mama one average morning. His next door neighbor calls one of her friends but quickly dismisses the idea of a possible break-in for the couple having sex. The girl goes about her business after talking briefly with neighbor's weird, slinky looking son. Only thing after she attends her cram school classes her bike is stolen along with her cell phone. Worm calls all of her friends on her contact list and admits for whatever stupid reason that he murdered his mama that morning. Instead of letting the police know the four friends become intrigued by being associated with a murderer. Slowly they realize that this is not some CSI show.

The story is kind of weird because the way the young girls talk and interact with one another you would think that it should have been put in the teen category. After you get passed that you realize that the description is dead on to a lot of the way teens interact these days, kind of self absorbed. Each girl is so distinctively cooky that even their perception of each other is off. It makes you wonder how in the hell they even stayed friends for this long. With all this going on the murder doesn't seem as significant anymore.

I loved the ending even though it is tragic, which of course I'm not going to tell you cause you need to go buy it or borrow it from the library and read it your damn self. It is a nice summer read tho.

Peace and Love