Sunday, June 13, 2010

American Subversive by David Goodwillie

Do you really know your friends? I mean besides the general shell of the person, i.e. their favorite color, favorite food? After reading this book I came to the conclusion that I don't. Some wise words from Ms Maya Angelou 'when someone shows their real self, believe it'. I believe that to its fullest. In society we get caught from the time we come out of our mama's womb forced fed to believe that the world with all of its materialistic signs is our reality. We walk around in our little box that is similar to other robots oblivious to a bigger...something. Forget questioning stuff that isn't a part of the American pipe dream. Until one day one small circumstance causes our colored glass window to shift slightly although the situations afterword are not as slight.

That's exactly what happened to Aidan, a popular blogger. One email shifted his blogging world. It awakened him to a world that was more meaningful, a underground world above ground. Without realizing the stakes Aidan became part of that underground where secret organizations were fighting the injustices of the world. Then in came the question I asked at the beginning, do you really know your friends? Everyone became suspect. Even though this was a fiction tale it hit way too close to home. It made me realize that what I consume daily is nothing. How do we know what these large corporations or the government is hiding? And how do we really know how our friend would react when you've stumbled across something that is borderline terrorism. We really don't.

What I liked about this book is that it perfectly explained the perspective of 2 unknown people. One whose life had been mundane that he did not realize how boring it was until he received that email with the caption under a picture 'this is Paige Roderick and she's responsible for the bombings'. The other, Paige, who fell into this because of the death of her brother whom she was close with. Opposites do attract. No this is not another sappy love story at least not in the physical sense; their connection was on another level, respect maybe. Whatever it was, you could feel it smoking out of the pages.

I love books like these that has a powerful storyline and even more explosive (no pun intended) characters. Oh and I am intrigued by the fact that the author opened a forum to marinate on ish other than so called 'reality' shows, my hood, and the media to issues that we don't see. There's a reason for everything, coincidences don't exist.

Peace and Love