Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I'm up to?

Lets see. As you can see I have did a little short story for you. Hope you enjoyed, it's just a lil' something something. But I do have 2 stories that I'm doing at the same time. One is a urban hood story what I have been writing way before urban lit became the ish. It will contain a lot of betrayal between best friends, murder of course, and revenge. As a matter of fact I think that is what I'm going to call it 'Sweet Revenge' or 'Poisonous Revenge' something like that.

The other story is about relationships and how even the most 'perfect relationship' can be crumbled with one little action. However before you get done dissing and cussing out the man in the story something will happen that definitely make you go 'What the F**k!'. Yeah, I shocked myself with it too. I swear my multiple personalities be coming out strong. I'm glad I figured out how to contain them all!

I also have another review that I will plug in tomorrow or Friday. This book was just as twisted as my damn head is! I've been getting into Japanese writers lately. But I'll have that for you.

Peace and Love