Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hill Harper in The Conversation

Ok my lovely sistahs and brothas, I'm about to school you once again on some real ish. This book is definitely a breath of fresh air, especially since the issue of why successful, middle aged black women are having such a difficult time getting a black man to marry her has been the hot azz topic recently. I know plenty of white women who are not married, are they being interviewed on 'Good Morning America'? It's none of anybody's buzinezz if we get marred by a certain age. What happened to the black family motto, 'what goes on in this house, stays in this house'? And all of these desperate looking women sitting on these lame talk shows pouring their hearts out, whimpering and whining about their dilemma need to wake up and realize that these people don't give a damn! You are just the hot topic of the moment.

The people that you need to be talking to are the brothas. I mean ain't that the source of our supposed 'problem'? I mean isn't that one of our problems when we're in our relationships, we run to our girlfriends, mama, hell a chick in the waiting area while we are waiting for our name to be called at the welfare office? LOL. In actuality, we should be talking to our 'kings' and men to their 'queens' about what's bothering us in the relationship. Yeah, I said it, I'm guilty of it my damn self. But it's time to stop having everyone and your neighbor in your relationships; the majority of them are miserable old heifas who wants you to be right along with them. Miserable. Misery loooooovvvvvvvves company! Which leads me to this wonderful book written by this sexual chocolate of a man by the name of Hill Harper. (so upset that I can't watch CSI anymore. Damn digital and that raggety antenna!)

I'm proud that there is a black man who is willing to open up the lines of communication for us sistahs and brothas. I applaud him for not putting the blame on either side but giving it to us real by admitting his own faults in his past relationships. Reading how he feels about relationships and his mentality on the opposite sex made me have a Oprah 'ah-ah' moment. Men are not that different from us women when it comes to what we want in relationships to make us happy.

He holds conversations with both men and women on topics like interracial dating (yall know how I feel about that), stereotypes that we have about each other, the baggage we carry around with us, cheating, our fears and most importantly our lack of communicating with each other. Trust me the conversations get gritty so prepare yourself and open your mind.

Did you know that we are the one race that lacks communication among each other? That's crazy considering we have been thru slavery together, segregation, just to name a few. How do you think we survived thru all of this? Hello, togetherness people!

You don't see true black love anymore and it's depressing. Hopefully with the Obamas in office we can catch up and rebuild our communities. We are the leading race when it comes to single parent homes. That is not an accomplishment we should be proud of. Come on people, we need to get us back. Back to loving one another, communicating, living like the kings and queens we were meant to be! Get with your boo and open this book and your mouths. I have the confidence that we can. Hello, Beyonce and Jay figured it out. So did Will and Jada, Mary J and her boo, lets do this.

Peace and Love