Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be about your business, I can't stress this enough people!

Yesterday I borrowed this book from the library because as I was going thru my future competition I realized that I'm worried about the wrong things right now. Yeah I can start my own publishing business but since I don't have any publishable works under my belt who is going to want to sign with my company? That's why I'm trying to continue giving you different pieces of my work and doing free eBooks on the regular, now that I'm done with this retchet algebra class I can focus on that! But anywho, I ran across this book to your left and thought I would just put it out there for anyone who is considering doing a publishing business. I mean this book has every form you can possibly imagine and you don't have to sit at some copying store and pay 10 cents for each sheet you wanna print out, they have a CD in the back that is included and you can download all of them to a disk or your personal laptop like I did.

Again like I stressed yesterday, don't go into any hustle half steppin' or you will be half steppin' it to the unemployment office or down your block with your head held real low because you were too arrogant to take heed to what I'm saying. Please visit my guy at cause he is on that serious hustle tip and he has some decent words for anyone trying to come up from where they are at right now and mean it. Peace and love.