Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have taken the whole day to check out different websites, specifically in the publishing business, and a bish is tired and it's only 1p but I've been here since 9a. I shouldn't be complaining because in order for me to start my publishing company I'm going to need to do my homework. And this is the lesson for today people, I know that a lot of you want to start their own business and I'm not just talking about publishing either, this is just in general information; hustla to hustla. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Let me say that again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  What I mean when I say that is whatever business you want to start up, don't get cocky and think that you know everything and there is nothing that you need to learn. F that. If you stop learning, you're dead - period! Life is learning, didn't you watch Higher Learning?! LOL! With that being said let me go further into what I'm talking about.

Have you wondered how some people start businesses or start a movement that becomes this big thing that everyone wants and has to buy, however when you look at it you see that it isn't any different from the 30 other replicas that you have chillin' at home? Why the hell did that person get all of the attention or why has that business been able to capitilize on whatever they are selling? Recently I read a post on NecoleBitchie.com on my girl Nicki Minaj and how she is copying Lil' Kim's style. I think that Necole made a very good point, no one can get mad because she idolizes Lil' Kim and she was smart enough to sit down, study what she did to make it into the business and then make her style her own. Isn't that what everyone else is doing anyway?! This is what I'm talking about. I've been looking at every publishing company that I can (a little disappointed that there are not many african american publishers but we are about to change that) and I'm studying them meticulously, yeah I said it go look that word up. I wanna know what the hell they are doing to be successful because I don't want to be this company that I'm building to be a success and then 2 years later you don't hear about me anymore. No, I want to create a brand, I want money to flow in regularly ya feel me, cause I got kidz and they need to eat and go to college.

Do not get swept up in this overnight success ish that everyone and they mama are doing. Stay focused. It may take longer to start it up but it will be worth it. I'm proud of myself because I'm doing something that I'm enjoying doing, not fitting into this little mold that some people want me to fit in (you know who you are, and trust me you will not be on my thank you page when my book come out). I also realized after looking thru these websites is that I'm doing things backwards, I'm focusing way too much on my website and its contents when I need to be focusing on contracts, what I need to do when I want to sign someone to my publishing company and how the hell am I going to pay them and market them. Most people when they come into the writing game expect to be paid an advance, I need to stack my money up so I can do that because just like I said earlier, people got families to feed. I'll get it together, just keep me in your thoughts.

Here are some publishers that I've looked thru. Take the time to check them out:
Augustus Publishing
The Cartel Publications
Triple Crown Publications
Life Changing Books
Flowers in Bloom Publishing
Melodrama Publishing