Monday, May 17, 2010

Richard North Patterson in The Final Judgment

This one right here is a must have and read! Late last night I finished The Final Judgment by Richard Patterson and rarely will I find a book with so much going on but not giving me the feeling that the author definitely was suffering from ADHD. You know when people put the title 'lyrical genius' on a rap artist? Well we are going to call him poetic genius (that's all I could come up with LOL).

This exquisitely tasting thriller focuses on a lawyer who is about to become the Court of Appeals, a.k.a. the highest level a person can get as far as being a judge goes, which she was nominated by the President. I loved how he sprinkled in a conversation initiated by the President like he was Uncle Pookie from up the block.

Right off the bat without even having a banner flying in your face you know something is about to go down from the way he describes Caroline Masters. She grew to become this wall of concrete (just like every black woman in the hood) thanks to her family and their skeleton in the closet secrets, especially her emotionless, self centered domineering father Channing Masters. This one has no problems throwing his family dynasty around to get things done his way as the reader finds out throughout the story.

Patterson weaves in past memories or scenes of Caroline's life as she goes back home to represent her 'niece' that was arrested for murdering her first love on the Channing's large property. Only Caroline soon realizes that she should not have come back but stayed in California where she resided at since the age of twenty-three.

I'm surprised that Patterson was able to write in a woman's perspective without making her the typical damzel in distress many male writers do, or unrelatable to the female population. I would definitely coin her as a pitbull in a skirt, easy. If you thought your ghetto azz family from the Eastside has some problems, trust me after reading this book you'll think your family is the Jones's from the Hamptons!

Definitely a five star book! (Get it!)

Peace and Love.