Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More than just urban lit.

I am proud that I can actually walk into a book store, a large one like Borders or Barnes & Noble, and see that there are black authors in the forefront of the store happily competing with their white counterparts. I mean that's big; one of these days I will have my novel up there, chillin' on the bestsellers list for a minute knocking everyone out the box. But until then I'm cool with admiring these published authors.

Now that we have managed to make a dent into the publishing industry I would like to point out an important lil' fact - black authors can write more than just street novels. Don't get it twisted I luv my street lit, hell that was what I wrote growing up before street lit became what it is, but I want readers to realize that we are more than that. We have the same issues that everyone else goes thru and we can write about it too. (gasp!)

One of my favorite authors Tananarive Due is a brilliant writer. She writes on everyday life but with a southern, voo-doo type feel that makes the reader question whether the plot is real or not. Brandon Massey, specializes in horror, Zane (I know all of you reading now have at least one book written by this woman in your house, so don't front like you don't! LOL) the erotic queen, and the lists goes on and on. Unfortunately we do have to dig a little deeper to find these authors sometime but do what you gotta do to read these wonderful artists.

Oh and I cannot forget the o.g.'s who paved the way for the current writers to be taken seriously as writers: Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, please read up on them. I know some of you have just graduated from Hooked on Phonics but in order for us to know about our future and our purposes, you need to understand and be grateful for what African American writers accomplished when no one believed in them.

Peace and Love.