Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is a public service announcement to my readers! I know my book 'Without Consent' deals with an extremely sensitive subject - rape; however, this is not a fiction novel what I'm about to say to you. Recent claims have surfaced saying that 10% of rapes are not being reported. That may be a small number but imagine for a minute you are among that 10%. That could easily be your mama, girl, sister, aunt or anyone who have influenced who you are today. Marinate on that. Be their advocate now, not after the rape.

I read a great non-fiction book about a month ago about a young man who was incarcerated for damn near most of his life. First chapter he admitted to raping his black sistahs to prepare him for raping white women. This is the image a lot of young men are having of us. Please my sistahs of all races become aware of what's going on and fight. Fight for friends, family, daughters, yourself.

I do wanna address some stupid ish men will say to switch the blame on this hideous act:

1. "I paid for your dinner, you owe me!" You don't owe him shit!

2.  We're married! You are suppose to give it to me whenever I ask for it!" If you say 'no', married or not he needs to respect your wishes - period.

3.  You wanted it too, I mean look what you got on! WTF?! So since we're on the clothes subject, if a man walks around with his draws showing do that give me the right to grab your dick?

It saddens me that my people are mentally enslaved in their own minds. This is the worse kind of slavery. That we can actually let this happen in our communities, let alone contribute to it. What are we telling our kids? Rape is not cool, it damages a person emotionally. It's a false sense of power. Redirect that power toward building up our community not tearing it down with our bare hands.

And please wrap it up,
get tested &
get knowledge!

Peace & Love


I want you
I want the smoothness of your mocha colored stomach
that quivers under my touch

I want your arms wrapped
around my body sealing the last
piece to my puzzle

I want my thick thighs
wrapped around your waist
pulling you to my body,
your tattoo on the right side of your chest
intermingling with mine
as though they were performing an erotic, forbidden dance

The intensity of your eyes
exposes the emotions I swore I wouldn't have

Keri Hilson was right,
Sometimes love comes around & knocks you down

I crave your lips,
lips that part when I'm around making me wonder,
was that for me?

The curve of your back side,
chocolate hills
forming a King's body,
moves fluidly to an imagined song

Damn I want all of you
even if it is for only one night.