Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can I get a moment of silence.....

I know that I'm suppose to just talk about writing, how to come up in the industry, and all of that wonderful stuff. But I wanted to pause the game for a minute because I've not looked on the internet for 24 hours and apparently within that time span some serious 9 levels of hot mess has happened in the entertainment world. My absolutely favorite site posted 3 things that I thought needed to be recognized considering that I am a female I thought I should speak on it quickly and then keep it movin'.

First story I thought was a damn mess is the story on the Basketball wives or whateva the hell they are suppose to be! Now I don't know these women personally but just looking at the trailer made me mad as hell! I live in the hood and see fights like that all the time, can I get a show because I act like a ignant heifa?! Is this how we black women have resorted to? I'm tired of seeing what car you drive, or clothes you rock, or who you screwin' to get up in this show?! Damn I sound like I'm hatin' uh? Shit it is what it is.

This story is not that bad but in a way it is. When I get married, I'm rockin' the ring my husband gives me and I expect the same thing with him. Don't think that we are about to get married and you still walking around here with a ringless finger? You have lost your damn mind! It's not about the ring but I'll be damn if I have you runnin' around here free as a bird! What did Mary J say, "You can try to act single if you want to...." sidewink.

Last story of foolery. Can somebody tell that lil' hooker from Cheetah girls to sit down or somethin'. Black women, listen and listen good, don't sell yourself short and try to be somethin' that you are not. I don't know if this girl is even legal but her single is talkin' about gettin' drunk and having unprotected sex with some random dude from a club?! Do STDs not ring a bell? AIDS? Pregnancy? Where is her mama?!

That's all I needed to say. I feel better now. LOL.