Thursday, April 1, 2010

Everyday I'm hustlin'

I put this put because I want people to know that this is what it is! Period! You hungry about something, you passionate about something, go get it! I made the mistake of falling into that category of being comfortable with life and doing shit cause someone else told me to do it or because I'm a single mama and I have to do whateva to take care of my kids. Now don't get it twisted, my kids are well taken care of, can I do better? Of course! That's what drives me to do what I'm doing now! I'm blessed. A lot of people will walk around like zombies for the rest of their lives and not know their God given talent, I'm not that person. I'm not comfortable with this robot shit either! I gotta get! I will take risks! In the words of Jay-Z, I WILL NOT LOSE!

Feelin' some type of way................

Ok, so I've been a little bit upset for a minute and yesterday I think I reached my lil' breaking point. I luv my people, I really do. Thing is I've had this blog site for almost a year now and have I gotten one comment, one? Hell no! People tell me on the regular how my writing is good blah, blah, blah, blah, but not nam one of yall are commenting on my website. It's not like you don't see the URL cause I put it on my email signature, facebook probably tired of me posting it so many times, like who the hell does she think she is? I tell people in person, nothing! So that right there is telling me that I must suck to you guys and you're playin' fake in my face which I definitely don't like. When I put some raunchy shit on my facebook I get comments all day but when I ask for a little support, just a little, I'm not about to kiss any azz or nothing don't get it twisted, but damn, fa real? Is this how my people gone treat a bish?! I need that support from my people. This is my hustle, this is what I luv to do, I'm hungry right now! It may not be the traditional way of gettin' money, but it makes me happy. Whateva....................!