Thursday, March 25, 2010

something to say on writing

I ran into a friend I went to high school yesterday and he was talking about how he enjoyed doing his journalism class and how he likes that fact that with journalism it forces him to step out of his box of opinions and write about something maybe he would not have written about before or how it makes him get into that mentality of writing everyday. I agree on that particular part. I'm not sure I would be ok with writing about what someone else tells me to write about because I don't think I would have the same passion I would have if it's my own work, you know? I'm a pretty open minded person so I don't know. But I will say this, I push myself to write every single day. When I made that commitment I was able to take my writing seriously and plus I just enjoy writing period. I could write for free and be content. Oh wait I do! LOL. Anyway I will continue to pull out lovely novels as long as my biggest fan (Mercedes) still enjoys bragging to her teachers and class mates that her mama is going to be a writer.