Friday, March 5, 2010

Got sumthin' 4 u!

Only a lil' bit cause I don't wanna give away too much! Enjoy!

A loud screeching scream woke Nia up. Her eyelids flickered open bringing her mama into view. Her ashen face was contorted in a horrific expression. Nia’s throat felt too much like sandpaper to ask what was wrong. It did not take her long to follow where her mama was staring. Spread across the olive green blanket was blood, a lot of it.
The door to her room popped open and in rushed two nurses. “Oh my god!” the first one gasped.
“What happened?” the second asked.
“I don’t know, I came in with her like this!”
A cold breeze flew over Nia as the nurse pulled back the blankets. Blood had soaked through the flimsy hospital gown. It covered Nia’s whole bottom half.
The first nurse lifted up the gown. Bloody lines decorated her stomach.
“Oh my god Nia, who did this?”
Nia could only shrug her shoulders.
“Who did this?” her mama kept asking.
“Nia dear, who did this to you?” the first nurse asked. Her sour milk breath covered Nia’s face. She spoke as though Nia was a toddler or a foreigner. How the hell was she suppose to know? The nurse continued questioning her, shaking her slightly as if attempting to wake the answer out of her. “Nia? Can you understand me?”
“I’m not deaf or retarded!” Nia managed to call out. A coughing spell followed. Her mama reached for the water bottle on the side table but once again gasped. Everyone including Nia looked over at the bloody knife lying on the table.
“Susan, call the police, now!” Susan flew out of the room while the first nurse proceeded to clean Nia up.
“Can you help me lift her?”
Mama Johnson stepped up immediately going into mama mode. Both worked together and got Nia cleaned up along with her bed sheets before anyone came back. Susan was followed by Officer Marcus Blaze. Nia rolled her eyes. Not him again. Didn’t her husband warn him enough?