Thursday, February 25, 2010

brief summary

As I've said before I'm halfway through the sequel to Without Consent, still no name. But I wanted to give a you a brief synopsis to what the book is going to be about hopefully I don't give away too much.

The person who ended up doing all of the killings in the first book is back however this time it starts with this person in a psych ward. Revenge is their oxygen, their whole purpose for getting out of there asap. Once they are out their plan to take away Nia Johnson's now Nia Williams's kids away the same way she had took their children from under them. A conniving but intelligent plot ensues, making it seem as though Nia is crazy and has decided to go on a murder spree. Her marriage is now in jeopardy because she feels as though he is setting her up to murder her like he did to an ex back in the day. Will she be able to convince the crooked cop that she is not the one behind all of the strange murders happening around her? Will she convince her family that she is not trying to commit suicide again? And will she be able to once and for all get rid of her arch enemy, out to eliminate her?