Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I will be gettin' back to posting on this blogsite daily because I know their are people out there are reading it.

big things poppin'

Sorry my lovely, loyal fans. I've been gettin' it in with this book thing. I'm halfway through the sequel to Without Consent. I still haven't found a name for the book which is kind of bothering me but it is what it is. The only thing that I have come up with is 'Bittersweet Revenge' but I'm not gaga over the title yet.

Ok. Other thangs I've been doin' is I've decided to create like a e-zine that friends, family, etc. can get a hold to a read. I think I wanna do it once a month because I'm still in school and I'm still on the grind with my book so we will see what happens. If anyone has any suggestions, go to my facebook page, email me rice_talia@yahoo.com, whatever you feel like you need to do to get at me. I wanna have it so that people in the Fort Wayne, misc. areas could shine, (whatever their hustle is) everyone loves free publicity and that's what I'm tryin to do.

Again, I am about halfway through with the sequel already, so look out for little snippets of that. I definitely took it to anotha level. I'm proud of myself! I'm going to give myself high fives for it. But seriously continue to support a bish!