Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On pause

Oh in case you're wondering yes I did put Another Woman's Man on pause. I'll get back to it after I write the sequel to Without Consent. Any ideas on the title for this one.

revised version

I can't remember if I posted the revised version of Without Consent Chapter 1 because I've been doing too much lately. But that's a good thing because I'm on my grind where I need to be right. Ok so the reason for the switch from the original is because it didn't seem like a good way to start a psychological thriller to me. These last few weeks I've been obsessed with thriller novels, some good ones, Tami Hoag's Deeper than the Dead; Lucretia Grindle's The Nightspinners; check them out. Anywayz, back to me, I pasted the first three pages of my novel hopefully it sounds good to you cause it did to me. High fives to me!

    The small red light flashed to green letting him know he successfully unlocked the system. He had exactly forty-five seconds to go through the white painted fence. His Gucci shoes stepped over the guard's body careful not to step into the blood now slowly starting to seep out of the small hole in the back of his head. At first glance someone would think the thirty-something year old security guard was sleeping away possibly from a late night of drinking. A closer look told a different story. A small smile was still on his lips; at least his last memory was a happy one. Too bad it had to end this way for him. If Dreary Meadows had not gone and changed their security code to get into the lush gated community than he would not have had to murder him.


    His shoes clicked clacked back to his car careful to stay clear of the security camera posted in the corner of the small building. He calculated the time perfectly. As soon as the butt of his Mazarati glided through the gate was starting to close again. He already knew his destination, Millowbrook and Fitch under the green street lamp. His car quietly shut off, cutting the heated seats off. This morning the air had a bite to it. Winter definitely was around the corner. He was not used to the indecisive weather that Fort Wayne welcomed him with. Seventy-degrees and warm sun was the norm for him. Now he was forced to leave all of it because of one slip up that almost caused him to be someone's bitch in prison. Orange was not his color. The ten thousand dollars each month for a lawyer had paid off. Now it was time to start over somewhere else; Fort Wayne was that new chapter. He underestimated his addiction though, seeing her running that one morning brought back the sensation that tickled the small hairs on the back of his neck and the twitch in his right eye. Like a police dog her scent was embedded into his nose and it refused to be shake off. His trips back became more frequent.


    The purpose was to get her schedule and he successfully did it. The schedule was easy and predictable. Three nights a week she would spend the night over her boyfriend's house which was the reason for this visit. Each morning she would run otherwise Foster Park was her choice of trail to run after she would leave Burkhart Advertising. Every Sunday she goes to church with her family that compiled of two sisters, a brother, and a white girl whom he assumed was her best friend. Her parents were still married. After church they would all meet at her parent's house for dinner. He smiled at himself for knowing what he knew in the short time allotted to find out. A detective should have been his profession. He also knew she had expensive tastes. Her closet was filled with top designer clothes along with rows of boots and heels. She only owed one pair of gym shoes, her Nike Shocks. The whole condo was meticulously clean, almost in an anal way. Not a cobweb was found anywhere. Barely anything was in her refrigerator that was unhealthy. Fruits, vegetables, V8 juice bottles and Fiji water lined it. Her fish oil and 12 vitamins sat next to the coffee maker. The only thing out of place was the coffee cup sitting on the middle of the counter; a plush pink lip print still stuck on the edge of the cup.


There's more but then that would defeat the purpose of buying the book when it comes out.