Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In case you missed it.....

In case you missed it, here's a Synopsis of my book Without Consent.

Is it possible to delve into the mind of a rapist?

Ever since he was younger, sex has always been a part of him, consensually or not. Little girls in the Catholic school twirling around on the playground with their pigtails flapping in the muggy air enticed him until he pulled them into the darkest part of the gym, empty classroom or where ever he could be alone with them. He re-creates what a family member has done to him millions of times in his own bedroom. Now as a successful and attractive family man the past has come back to take residence again.

I did not consent to this…

Her mother warns her. They echo through twenty-eight year old Nia Johnson’s mind as she is taken from the running trail as though she never existed. In his mind they share a deep relationship with each other and she is madly in love with him as he is with her. His eyes hold a passion that even her long time boyfriend has never shown her; tattooing themselves forever in her memory bank. Those same blue eyes that blazes down on her become her eyes the nights that follows. She stands witness to his sick addiction through her dreams only to have those same nameless faces appear on the front pages of the newspaper under the words ‘Another Murder’. Nia’s mind, by force, becomes dark as ruined film. An unbreakable armor covers her heart. She assumes all of the stress from keeping this a secret is making her physically sick. Something told her to visit the nearest twenty-four hour convenience store to buy of all things, a pregnancy test to prove her fears are just in her head. The two pink lines show bright on the stick almost mocking her. Nia has never run so fast in her life as the day she runs to the abortion clinic. A Higher Power has other plans, its name, Crystal, her baby sister.

Three years later a familiar stranger heads over the department Nia wants to manage. Uneasiness settles in every time he is around but she can’t put her finger on as to why. The faces of women start to appear on the front pages again and her nightmares returns but fuzzy. When her son stands next to his youngest son it looks like a mirror is placed in front of him and those five minutes once again comes flooding back full force. Nia has craved for this opportunity to come face to face with her rapist. Now that he is actually touchable she feels powerless. Sensing this he plays on her emotions. A game of cat and mouse ensues. One by one he takes a liking to torturing anyone close to her until the last eightball stands alone cornered. An unexpected pawn comes into the equation. His wife, who knew about her husband’s sick obsession, refuses to let Nia ruin what her husband has worked so hard to create, unbeknownst to him. Some secrets are better left unsaid. But whatever is done in the dark will come to light. She sets up a mock meeting in their old hometown of Atlanta to finish the job her husband should have finished. Leaving Nia for dead she enters the plane to be home before her husband gets off of work. Bonnie and Clyde is shown in its truest form. Her plan is squashed when the Atlanta police catch her, arresting her for attempted murder as well as fifteen other murders before lift off.
Without Consent is the psychological thriller that keeps you guessing and turning the pages to contagious characters, suspense, and a chilling plot that will have you asking, what would you do.


Please everyone pray for the people in Haiti. Do anything you can include praying.