Saturday, January 9, 2010


Recently I've came to the conclusion that Without Consent needs a part 2. The ending just ended with some questions unanswered so I'm going to answer them for you! Ta-Ta for now.


Some advice that helped me along this journey is to get yourself out there. Look for different contests or get a subscription to the Literary Market so you can get inside information. Start a blogsite like I did. Yeah I know I haven't been published yet but it was hard as hell to get this far so I don't want others to go through all of the headaches. Although I was content with it all cause I knew that I had a talent. Cocky ain't I, gotta luv it.


I got a unexpected well I'm lying, I did expect this but I guess I was take a back, Anywho I got a email saying that a publishing company wants me to talk with the CEO about my finished book. I can't get too excited because I'm not sure if this is it or am I still in the process of being critiqued but whatever it is I'm grateful. That goes to show to anyone do you. Life is too short for you to waste it on impressing others and making yourself miserable because you are not doing what you truly are passionate about. Keep at it, it will happen. Thank you God.


Wow another year! 2010! And shame on me for not writing anything on my blog. Been a little busy with the holidays I'm for sure everyone understands. I'm ready to get back focusing again. Hope everyone had a nice and safe holiday. My prayers go out to those who did not.