Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Woman’s Man

Ok so I know that I have been a little busy with school but I’ve still been writing. Like I said before I have been intrigued by the new trend which is celebrities dating married men and so a story has ensued itself out of all of this. I’m on chapter five but I’m only going to give you a snippet cause you know how I do. Just to set things up this is the prologue and one of the main characters Ms. Munira which means radiates life in Palestinian is taken off guard after coming face to face with her baby daddy’s mistress.

As Munira stepped into her living room to join everyone else the doorbell rang. Everyone that she had invited was already there in the larger living room. An unusual chill went through her hand as she touched the steel doorknob. Months from now she will wonder if it really was from that or did she already know what was about to happen. The humid June air blew into her face. Her eyelids fluttered to adjust to the blinding sunlight. She lifted her hand to her eyes to get a better look at her new guest. Inches away stood a young woman. Her golden brown skin looked real from living on an island instead of a store bought tan. It glistened in the sun. Thick brown hair flowed down her back and onto her shoulders. Her lips puckered outward unintentionally kissing the hot air. High cheekbones made it appear as though she was smiling but once Munira reached her eyes, she saw a vicious stare.
“May I help you?” She was oblivious to what was in this woman’s hand. She couldn’t get her attention away from those eyes. Every raw emotion was held in those small eyes. Munira did however hear Robert somewhere behind her asking her who was at the door. The silence was interrupted by a loud crash. Munira turned her head to see what the commotion was but everything turned black as though a thick blanket was pulled over her eyes.