Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Synopsis for ‘Another Woman’s Man’

You always want what you can’t have. With Munira Moore what she wanted just happened to e Leilani’s long-time boyfriend and father of her two children. A terrible accident will make their lives collide in more ways than either of them are prepared for. Leilani specifically asks for physical therapist Munira Moore in order to get into her head to see why this woman has the audacity to sleep with her man knowing that he has a family at home; I mean this chick is the reason she had the accident.
The light scar running down Munira’s cheek starts to tell its own story as each session goes along and Leilani realizes that this woman ever has touched her man. And the realization that her man is in love with this woman hits her harder than a mac truck. She could have handled him sleeping with her but emotionally cheating on her is way more than she could accept.
Sometimes it’s better to let the one thing you are trying to hold onto go. If you really love that person don’t you want to see them happy, even if it’s not with you?