Friday, November 13, 2009

good query letter

Ok so in ran across this website yesterday called I wanted to post the elements of a good query letter because once again I’m struggling to perfect it so I can send it out to potential publishers and agents. Maybe it will help you out too:
1. hook their attention
2. describe the project
3. tell them who you are
4. get them to ask for more
This is the purpose of a query letter. Make sure you don’t forget these things as well:
Give a detailed but short synopsis. Get them to crave your work. Like they have no purpose in life unless they read your shit, ya feel me! Let this be your first two paragraphs. Don’t forget to put your completed manuscript’s word count and genre (thriller, erotica, etc.). At the end of your letter make sure you offer to send sample chapters or the whole completed manuscript. Good luck!