Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another great book idea in the works

Ok so last night, in the middle of the night actually, I thought of another idea for a future book. The name, ‘Another woman’s man’. Now I know what you’re thinking but with the whole Alicia Keys thing, Rosci and you know who, I thought it fitting to make a book on this subject. I must have missed that memo that it was cool to get involved with another woman’s man. However I will say I’m getting it. Unfortunately I will be drawing the book from real life experiences. Let me explain, I am not involved with another woman’s man. But I am attracted to one. Will I pursue it, (the book that is) yeah. Will I pursue him, no, as long as that fine brotha stays far away from me! LOL

Tips for a great synopsis:

Along the way of doing synopsis I have learned a few key points to a successful one, now I’m sharing it with you:

1. Have a great opening hook! (Otherwise, plan on getting in the reject pile. Agents & publishers have the attention span of a child with ADHD.)

2. Quick description of characters. (don’t write about every minute character in your book, stick to the protagonist & antagonist)

3. Plot highlights

4. Core conflict

5. Conclusion

Along with these tips study, study, study! Don’t get caught half steppin’. I’m not saying I have perfected the evil world of synopsis, but what I have learned has made writing one hella easier!