Monday, September 21, 2009

Ch. 17

Sorry I left for so long but here is another sample of Without Consent:

Izzimiyaki cologne snatched at her nose hairs, taking hostage of the oxygen trying to circulate through the small openings. The feeling of being stuck under ocean water overcame her whole being. The jack hammer pounding in her chest swallowed any sound around her. Her nose started to burn the more she engulfed the putrid smell. It was amazing how at one point she was in love with that smell when Bryan would rock it. She craved it like it was her life support. Bryan. Where was he? She opened her mouth to call out his name but her throat sealed itself shut. Her tongue felt like sandpaper against the roof of her mouth. Something slimy wrapped itself around her neck. It felt like a cold, anaconda was crushing her wind pipes. Dreams were not suppose to hurt like this!