Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have got it together. The last bit from this chapter. This is a continuation from yesterday's post but revised. Want to hear it, here it go!

Her unblinking almond shaped eyes sent daggers at Nia. For a moment Nia had thought her sister was suffering a stroke. Never had Renee gone this long without so much as a twitch!

Renee however was at a lost for words. Looking at this skeleton trying to pose as her sister, threw her off. Did she have the right room? A flash of familiarity made its way to the surface of her tinged colored eyes for a brief moment. That was her confirmation. She was scared to look too long for fear of falling into the black holes of the abyss known as Nia's eyes. Her cheeks sagged down her face like two plastic bags that had been used to the max and could not hold anymore produce. Renee had no idea a black person's skin color could turn so gray. Nia's voice did not even sound human.

"Mama sent you?"

Renee continued to throw daggers Nia's way before answering. Her brain still churned loudly over powering even the whirring of the machines. "Damn, you were in the wrong and still you have ignorant shit to say." A thick blanket of silence fell between them. Renee could literally hear the angel and the devil arguing with each other on her shoulders over what she was going to say next. She briefly looked at Bryan and then back at her sister. A sliver of an unbearable pain flickered in her eyes that Renee has never seen before. The intensity almost made the room shake. For that minute moment Nia's ten layered steel wall was down, but only for that moment.

Before she knew it, Renee was up and walking toward her sister. Nia's eyes remained in the same spot her sister was at seconds ago. From the corners of her eyes Nia watched Renee storm towards her. Renee wrapped her motherly arms around Nia. Her body jerked uncontrollably in Renee's arms as all of the tears she had been holding inside for over three years burst out. She could feel her ribs poking out of her Indianapolis Colts hoodie. A heavy weight clunked down at the bottom of her stomach. Her sister was disappearing right in front of her.

She held on tighter to her. Nia's body no longer shook. She leaned in heavily against Renee. Renee shifted her body weight. Now her butt was on the arm of the chair. Nia's limp head fell with a thud on her lap. Her hair feeling like straw. "Damn gi...," she started to say. "Nuuuurrssse!" Renee jumped up off of the chair then started to shake her sister. "Somebody! Help!" she screeched again.

Two nurses flew into the room. Both eyed Bryan with bewildered expressions on their faces. They had not heard any of his machines go off from the nurses' station. The last nurse to enter the room shifted her head a little and stared at the lump in the chair. Two seconds later she realized that the small lump was an actual person. Her nursing skills kicked in.

"Oh my god, what happened?"

"I don't know, one minute we were crying and the next I look down and she wasn't breathing! Help her please!" Renee begged. By then the other nurse had come over and threw the chair out of the way so they could lay Nia down flat on the floor.

"Are you getting a pulse?"

"None," the first nurse answered. Her fist and palm pushed into Nia's chest. Everything Renee had learned in nursing school went away. Seeing CPR seemed foreign. She had to tell herself to breathe as she watched. Nia's chest bounced up and down with each thrust. Renee's lungs wanted to collapse. Pressure filled her head; now she was unable to hear, unable to breathe, unable to...