Saturday, September 12, 2009


Search Engine Submission - AddMe


The door to the room opened up. Nia kept her head down thinking it was a nurse checking his stats for the hour. Feel shuffled up to the opposite side then stopped. For five minutes not a sound permeated in the room. What were they doing? Her left hand reached up and wiped the remaining evidence of her crying. She waited a little longer. Her hearing kicked in on high as she tried to decipher what the obviously dumb nurse was doing. Another shuffle was heard but this time whomever stood on the other side had heels that clicked loudly. Nurses don't wear heels, she thought. The legs of the straightbaack chair screeched like nails on a chalkboard across the floor and a small gush of wind was heard as the unknown newcomer plopped themselves down in it. Curiousity killed Nia's inner cat. Her head jolted up and her gaze were met by Renee. Her unblinking, almond eyes sent daggers at Nia. For a moment Nia had thought she suffered a stroke because she was not moving an inch. Never had her sister gone this long without so much as a twitch!

Nia could tell that Renee was contemplating on what she wanted to say. Her back sat up so straight she could give the chair a run for its money. Out of reaction, Nia did the same. Her stature did not match that of her sister's though.

"Mama sent you?"

Renee continued to throw deadly daggers Nia's way before answering. Her brain still churned loudly over-powering even the whirring of the machines. "Damn, you were in the wrong and still you let ignorant shit spill out of your mouth." A thick blanket of silence covered the space between them. Renee literally could hear the angel and devil arguing with each other on each of her shoulder. She looked at Bryan to distract the noise and once they disappeared she turned her attention back to Nia. A sliver of an unbearable pain that Renee has never seen before showed in Nia's eyes. It almost made the room shake. For that minute moment Nia's ten layered steel wall was down, but only for that moment.

Before she knew it, Renee was up and walking around toward her sister. Nia's eyes remained rigid on the same spot her sister was just at seconds ago but she kept a watch on Renee as she stormed toward her. She felt Renee's motherly arms wrap around Nia, switching the older sister roles. Nia's body went limp as it started to shake uncontrollably in Renee's arms. The tears she had been holding for over three years burst out.